Managing your software assets was never simpler

You’re not managing your IT-centric assets well because it’s too difficult. Asset Management seems to be a people intensive, monotonous effort that does not have a direct impact to business goals. And you cannot afford to assign people to mundane, repetitive tasks.

The solution is SAMLite.


10 Feb 2021 - SAMLite Build

  • Software Metering: the Software Metering feature can help estimate software usage. Reports available: concurrency, uptime, start count and process name.

17 Sep 2020 - SAMLite Build

  • Monitor information: added support for monitor information.
  • Import History: reports on machine scan imports can be generated.
  • Machine OS History: reports can be generated showing the OS memory status and other OS status information.
  • Machine Process History: reports can show past machine process details such as process size and CPU usage.
  • Machine Event History: reports can show selected information from Windows Event logs.

22 Jun 2020 - SAMLite Build

  • Active Directory & LDAP Login: Users can now login in via Active Directory and/or LDAP.

4 May 2020 - SAMLite Build

  • Location Notifications: reports can now be generated or emailed for machines that have roamed out of their assigned locations based on geolocation data.

Product Overview

Secure your environment
Identify risky installations and ensure usage of important software patches.
Software Compliance
Detect software installations and removals. Track the use of illegal and unauthorized software.
Comprehensive reporting
Use the search capabilities, graphical reports or simply export to Microsoft Excel to create the report that you need.

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